High Definition CCTV cameras to surpass the analog CCTV camera market in terms of revenue by 2016: Bonafide Research

High resolution, advances features and technology, increasing use of CCTV’s in the residential sector and the reducing prices will lead to the robust growth in sales of the HD CCTV camera market in the coming years. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Non-IP CCTV Camera Market Outlook, 2021", the CCTV camera market can be bifurcated into IP CCTV camera and non- IP CCTV cameras. The non – IP CCTV cameras consisting of analog and HD CCTV cameras dominate the Indian CCTV market. Analog technology is still entrenched in some markets and segments due to factors including long replacement cycles of security equipment, a tendency to do partial security system upgrades, IT knowledge gaps among installers, etc. One of the longest-standing arguments against going all-digital has been the perceived higher cost of IP cameras compared to their analog counterparts. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system which uses cameras to transmit signal to a specific place which helps to monitor any kind of activities going on in any area. The India CCTV market is expected to grow with an average growth rate of 22% over a period of five years from 2016 to 2021. There have been a lot of improvement technologically, and certain advancements like remote monitoring, cloud storage and integrated video analytics have made the market more efficient than before. The high price issue of the IP segment will also deteriorate because of the technological advancements that are expected in the future. With the low resolution being a major issue in the installation of analog CCTV, the analog CCTV is expected to show slower growth till 2021. HD (High definition) is one of the emerging technologies in this sector which acquires 30% of the non-IP market in India in 2014. HD comes with the highest resolution of the video surveillance which deals with the problem of the analog CCTV camera. HD registered the fastest growth of more than 30% in the coming five years. The primary requirement of high definition video surveillance is the highest possible video resolution and quality. This cannot be achieved by an analog video system. As HD-CCTV uses a non-compressed video source, it provides this highest video quality. On the product life-curve, analog cameras may be at the peak of the maturity stage, taken over by HD CCTV cameras or other digital products. The HD CCTV cameras are expected to acquire the share of the deteriorating analog CCTV market in India.

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