Express E- Commerce Logistic Is Likely To Boom in the Coming Years with the Advent of Mobile Commerce: Bonafide Research

Several global players view the Indian logistics market favorably and have announced intentions to increase their capacity of transporting goods from/to Indian markets. Several large global logistics companies have entered India by the way of mergers with or acquisitions of Indian logistics companies and joint venture agreements. Ecommerce has seen an unprecedented growth and this trend is likely to boom in the coming years with the advent of mobile commerce. Consumers today are purchasing nearly everything online, from antiques to furnishings and grocery to electronics. The increasing access to internet & broadband, availability of Smartphones, easing of norms for business ventures, the push of the present government under Narendra Modi for Digital India, recent move of SEBI to ease listing norms, raise capital and create a dedicated platform for startups to list on stock exchanges in India, are some of the stimulating factors which are spearheading the growth of a new breed of online entrepreneurs in India. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Express Logistics Market Overview" the organized sector is holding major share of the Indian express market. The major players involved in the same consist of BlueDart, Gati, Safexpress, TCI, Indian Railways, and Indian Post etc. Even established retailers are augmenting traditional brick-and-mortar store sales with ecommerce divisions. Having said this, it is no brainer that logistics will increasingly play a crucial role in the success of any ecommerce venture. A surge in orders that ecommerce companies are expecting this festive season is sure to benefit a category of service providers: the last-mile delivery companies. Online marketplaces are trying new tricks, including shipping directly from the merchant if the buyer is in the same city or region instead of routing though company fulfillment centres as well as short-term tie-ups with regional and intra-city logistics players. This also means a rise in short-term job openings in the logistics segment. Hyper local fulfillment and last-mile delivery, including partnerships with national logistics players, are making the festive season busy for small, regional players. Ahead of the Big Billion day sale at Flip cart, we are working on a contractual agreement to fulfill last-mile delivery of appliances from the fulfillment centre in the city. The main role of logistics is to provide timely and efficient delivery of products so that the customer is satisfied and becomes your repeat customer, and also earns you more customers. Today, the online shoppers have the powerful tool of social media in their hands. They simply have to post on facebook or tweet about their experience, and this can make or break a company’s image. In today’s competitive market conditions, retailers have to put in the best efforts to exceed customer satisfaction. Some of the largest e-retailers have implemented same-day delivery to woo customers who can’t or won’t wait for even next-day service. Some retailers offer free or low cost shipping for many products (after a particular price range). An online consumer is looking for attractive pricing and hassle-free delivery of products. An exceptional product delivery experience is critical in not just winning but retaining clients. So, it is in the best interest of the ecommerce players to entail professional logistics services which would result in faster growth, success and dynamism for the company.

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