Date : July 23, 2021
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Unlike normal water purifier, smart and multistage RO+ purification technologies are driving growth of organized player: Bonafide Research

Unlike normal water purifier, smart and multistage RO+ purification technologies are driving growth of organized player: Bonafide Research

In the water purifier market growth threat of low price and low standards products from China and unorganized players become challenging for organized players. According to experts key strategies that organized players are adopting are strong marketing strategies, come up with smart and multistage water purifiers which are compatible to send details about the quality of water, flow of water, and notification for maintenance. Along with companies need to focus on providing a one-stop solution for drinking water by adding a cooling and boiling system providing services and replacement of filters. As RO+ water purifier comes in prim range big companies get competitive advantage of margin and in this types of product every customer demand the quality and services over price, Which helps the organized player to a stronghold in the market share.

According to the Bonafide Research report titled “India Water Purifier Market Overview, 2027-2028” the organized market will grow from 70% to 80% in the upcoming years. While the RO and UV-based water purifiers are to grow to drive around 80% of market demands. In the water purifier market, Gravity-based purifier market growth is dominated by the unorganized players and the UV-based water purifier market is declining due to the cost and rigidity of the product. There is only one key area left where organized players can penetrate the market. In RO-based water, purifiers products are available in a variety of RO+UV, RO+UF, RO+UV+UF technologies. Rising disposable income of households and health concern awareness attract customers for drink quality water boost this markets. Due to its price customer demanded the quality, Service facilities, and good standards. Here unorganized players are unable to compete. Also, customers willing to spend a few more money to buy branded products help the companies to recover the cost of advertisement and another spending. Also, the distribution channel of different types of water purifiers is different. RO water purifier is majorly sold by unorganized whereas UV is forte of organized players. So it provides the organized players a scope of potential growth.

The water purifier market in India has witnessed growth in recent years and the surge in growth is majorly originated from growth in the organized sector and the availability of affordable purifiers. The organized water purifier market comprises large companies such as Eureka Forbes, Kent RO, HUL, Livpure, and Tata which possess the maximum market share in the organized sector. The Indian market for water purifiers is witnessing noteworthy changes as a result of the introduction of new technologies, such as ultra-filtration, microfiltration, combination systems, etc. Kent introduced RO technology in India in 1999. Before this, RO water purifiers had hardly any presence in India, and UV water purifiers held the lion’s share. Bonafide Research report has stated that the total water purifier market is expected to have value growth CAGR around 10% from 2020-21 to 2025-26. The total water purifier market has been segmented into organized water purifiers and unorganized water puffier. Both these markets have been made up of RO+ water purifiers, UV water purifiers, and Offline/Gravity based water purifiers. The RO+ water purifier is a combination of RO+UV, RO+UF, RO+UV+UF+, etc. Among these, basic RO is a major market shareholder but will be beaten by RO+UV+UF at the end of 2025-26. In the organized market, RO water purifier has higher CAGR in comparison to UV and Offline water purifiers. The introduction of new technologies and the availability of low-cost purifiers from large companies have increased the penetration. Most new entrants are also quite capable of investing in R&D and are not lagging in innovation. Unorganized players have chosen online distribution channels for their products, they offer the same features of branded ones at a lower cost which has also intended people to buy water purifiers from them. Eureka Forbes is offering RO water purifiers under the brand names, Aquaguard and Aquasure, with the former being sold through direct sales channels while the latter is sold via the retail channel. On the other hand, Kent is a leader in RO water purifiers and HUL is an offline or gravity-based water purifier under the brand name ' Pureit'. In the last decade companies like LG, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Havells entered the water purifier market where their competitive advantage of sales channels, R&D, and brand name aided them to penetrate in Indian water purifier market. Also, a company like Hitech sweet water technologies is growing due to its specialties in RO technology where they can target households, commercial and industrial customers. 

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Unlike normal water purifier, smart and multistage RO+ purification technologies are driving growth of organized player: Bonafide Research

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