Date : July 07, 2020
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Proving 'Old is Gold' wrong as the new age flashlights to shine better than earlier models in the near future. - Bonafide Research

Proving 'Old is Gold' wrong as the new age flashlights to shine better than earlier models in the near future. - Bonafide Research

Flashlights are the portable electric-powered light source. The mobile light source is classified on basics of its power source as rechargeable flashlights & non-rechargeable flashlights. The various application involved in the usage of flashlights is commercial use, government sector, law enforcement sector, bicycle headlights, night orienteering, diving outdoors, expeditions or adventure trips, household usage and the increasing use of security personal in every housing colony and others. Flashlights with a LED (light-emitting diode) source dominate the overall market in India.

The flashlight market in India is at a very niche stage. The segments in the flashlights market were traditionally determined by the materials used, namely plastic, brass, and aluminum. Historically, the ‘brass’ segment was the most popular among consumers, especially in rural areas. Usually, the source of light is a small incandescent light bulb or (LED). These new generation flashlights have witnessed robust sales during the initial two years of their launch in the market. In addition, to the general-purpose hand-held flashlight, many forms have been adapted for special uses. The new forms include the helmet mounted flashlights, headgear lights, lanterns which serve a 360 degree lighting purpose without having to hold in hands.     

As per the report “India Flashlight/Torch Market Overview, 2022-2028” published by Bonafide Research the findings show that at global level, a rechargeable LED flashlight segment of the flashlight market has been enjoying the prominent position in the market. It is seen in the market that due to the substitute available of the product market of flashlight is not performing as per standards. The major end-users of flashlights are the rural segment wherein the power cut and outages are very frequent and they need an alternate support on a very daily basis. The flashlight adaption has largely been supported by the rechargeable segment as it convenient for everyone to reuse Flashlight by recharging the battery. Rechargeable or secondary batteries include lead-acid batteries, NiMH, NiCd batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. Along with a long usage period, availability in different size and features makes it more attractive.   

The reason behind being the use of flashlights is for exploration in the nighttime, for patrolling, for operation by armed forces, etc. The retail segment and distribution of the flashlights are largely dependent on general provision stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, electrical shop and currently shifting to online markets. These modes of trade have derived the market with its positives, which will be reflecting in the coming years where the growth is higher than the current rate.

The interest and demand for convenient portable items are the main consideration driving the flashlight market at national as well as global level, as these are now used for surveillance, patrolling, etc over just as a source of light where electricity is not available. The interest for the portable lighting source – flashlight - is relied upon to increment over the estimated period, which is going to support the Indian flashlight market. Entrance into the multi-featured rechargeable LED flashlight might be an enormous open door for increase in market size. Rechargeable lanterns with extra features like FM, Bluetooth speaker, AUX facility, and a port to charge mobile phone are gaining more appreciation in the market. New technologies also allow flashlights to charge with solar energy as well as AC supply.

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Proving 'Old is Gold' wrong as the new age flashlights to shine better than earlier models in the near future. - Bonafide Research

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