The ebullition of the International pandemic COVID 19 Corona virus is expected to augment the Global Hand Sanitizer market: Bonafide Research
Sep, 23

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The ebullition of the International pandemic COVID 19 Corona virus is expected to augment the Global Hand Sanitizer market: Bonafide Research



Hand sanitizers are an anti-microbial agent widely used to remove germs, virus or micro-bacteria. The increasing rate of infectious diseases globally upsurges the demand for hand sanitizer in the market and is increasing rapidly. The increasing demand for hand sanitizer is increasing in clinics and hospitals where sanitation and cleanliness are essential. The “gel based hand sanitizer” is the highest growing type segment over the forecast period because it is easily available in the market and needs minimum time to effectively remove germs compared to other sanitizers. Global expenditure on healthcare is increasing, which is expected to increase awareness among common individuals about maintaining hygiene and safety in daily life. Staying hygienic reduces the chance of getting infected and getting contaminated by any microorganism in the body. Also, rising awareness of hygienic life is expected to drive revenue growth of the hand sanitizer market.

The world is surviving the international pandemic COVID 19 Corona virus which have proved to be a dangerous outbreak around the world putting many lives in danger. Since past many years, humans have survived such attacks and made wiser steps in its prevention. Moreover, many researchers have found out solutions to overcome the effects of such pandemics but the recent outbreak is lacking it. In order to prevent its infection from one person to another, governments have imposed the lockdown across several nations to aid the isolation in order to inactivate the pathogens. The Corona virus is a disease which causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as cough, cold and flu. In order to prevent its containment, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released an advisory to maintain the hand hygiene by frequent hand washing activity for about 20 seconds and using hand sanitizers in absence of it. This need for frequent hand wash was fulfilled by the Sanitizer market globally, specially in the healthcare and public institute sector.

As per the latest statistics obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO), on an average there are about 60,90,00,000 confirmed cases of Corona virus across the globe with 6.5 million deaths around the world. This a shocking number to measure the intensity of the outbreak around the world. To overcome its negative effects, people have started using the hand hygiene products such as hand sanitizers which are proven to kill 99.99% of the germs present on the hands. Initially, Hand sanitizers were used where frequent hand washing cannot be done but the outbreak of the diseases have made people conscious about the hygiene, making it a necessity among all the hand hygiene products. Due to the rising demand, hand sanitizers have also been developed in several forms such as gel, liquid, spray, foam and other products such as hand sanitizing wipes. They are now available in alcohol-free forms with various infused fragrances of essential oils and natural derivatives.
According to the report titled, “Global Hand Sanitizer Market Outlook, 2027”, published by Bonafide Research, the Global hand sanitizer market is expected to achieve a robust growth in next years due to the outbreak of the international pandemic Covid 19, accounting it to a market value of almost USD 10 Billion by the end of the year 2027. The market is expected to grow registering a compounded annual growth rate of almost 10% in the next five years. Furthermore, many companies have increased their production capacities in order to overcome the emerging and sudden demand in the market while many companies have come up with donations to the needy. For example, Perrigo donated 500K bottles of hand sanitizers to the needy, Firmenich increased it’s production capacity and donated hundred of bottles of hand sanitizers in hospitals, Drummer’s donated sanitizers to the people in need, Beauty brands such as L’Oréal started manufacturing of hand sanitizers in its plant to donate it in hospitals, LVMH and Coty Inc. are using their factories to overcome the hand sanitizer production.

Apart from these, there are many other companies who have kept their core manufacturing aside and started manufacturing hand sanitizers to overcome the demand in the market. Moreover, space companies such as SpaceX is also making and donating hand sanitizers to the person in need!! This shows the intensity of the demand for the hand sanitizers in the market and their growth in respective upcoming years. Hence, hand sanitizers have become an opportunity source for the players to grow its market in such difficult times. Besides this, people have awakened about the hygiene and usage about the hand sanitizers which are also a driving factor. Thus, the proverb proves that “great opportunities always comes from difficult times”.

This market was also fueled with the changing consumer behavior which was greatly affected by the pandemic. With the spread of the virus the health-conscious behavior among the consumer increased in significantly all around the world.  Consumers have become more aware of the adverse effects of chemicals on their health and the environment, and this is propelling demand for organic and natural hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizer vendors are investing in the development of such products and are trying to capitalize on this trend. Organic hand sanitizers are expected to see an increase in sales through the future as several hand sanitizer manufacturers launch new products to fulfil the high demand from consumers across the world. The global personal hygiene and personal care market is rife with a wide variety of products such as hand soaps, hand disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, liquid soaps, etc. These products are alternatives to hand sanitizers and some are relatively more affordable than hand sanitizers, which is negatively impacting hand sanitizer market growth to a certain extent. Foodservice restaurants and Hotels have zero tolerance for bacteria and viruses. There are strict rules regarding hygiene and food safety in the commercial sector. Consequently, the commercial sector is growing the adoption of hand sanitizers and encouraging the employees such as food industry workers, chefs, waiters, barbers, and others to use hand sanitizers frequently which will create immense opportunities for the growth of the hand sanitizer market.

Furthermore, increase in the concerns about precautionary measures and health safety for wellness, increase in the transformation of lifestyle of persons resulting in augmented healthcare expenditure and increase in the cost-effective and moisture retaining features with purifying capabilities are some of the major factors among others which will create beneficial opportunities for the hand sanitizer market.

China is one of the most populous countries in the world with its own private label players in the hand sanitizer industries. Due to the recent outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus, the Chinese markets are expected to flourish in terms of hand sanitizers as their main product in demand. On the other hand, India is the second populous country of the world with a diversified market of hand sanitizers in all directions. Moreover, the concept of ‘Make in India’ is expected to welcome the global players in the market of India. Both these countries account for more than 50% of the population of the Asia Pacific region.
Europe is a prominent region having a diversified market for hand sanitizers. Due to the outbreak of the international pandemic COVID 19 Coronavirus, the demand for hand sanitizers is continually increasing in the market. Moreover, many companies have also started the production of hand sanitizers apart from their regular production. All these efforts are expected to bring awareness about the product in the minds of people, driving the market with a consistent growth in the future. The most demanded hand sanitizers in the European market are the gel, liquid and foaming hand sanitizers.

The home of the world’s biggest economies- North America is undergoing severe outbreak of the international pandemic COVID 19 Corona virus, which is a respiratory disease with symptoms similar to common cold. This outbreak has led many lives in danger across the world and North America became a severe victim of it. The government in these regions and other such global organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to overcome the diseases and make people aware about the hand hygiene. This is driving the Hand Sanitizer market globally as well as in the region.

Regions such as South America, Middle East and Africa are lacking behind the awareness about hand hygiene. This has resulted in the spreading of many diseases in such regions. Moreover, the disposable income of Africa and Latin American countries is also low which makes the consumer to avoid huge expenses on hygiene products such as hand sanitizers which reduces the demand in the market. But the campaigning by global organizations such as the world health organization is expected to encourage the people and bring awareness to them to start switching to hygiene products such as hand sanitizers which will in return, increase their demand in the market driving it to the future prospects.