Date : April 09, 2020
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A Combination of hand wash and shower gel depicts the situation of the hour that helps to keep the hand sanitized and body clean.

A Combination of hand wash and shower gel depicts the situation of the hour that helps to keep the hand sanitized and body clean.

Keeping one’s hands and body sanitized is what the demand of the situation is for fighting against any unseen epidemic
Shower gels are such products that allow your skin to fight against the hot humid climate or are beneficial for those who naturally have oily skin. The shower gel has a firmer gel-like consistency and typically has a higher concentration of fragrance. On the other hand, with raising awareness about the importance of hand hygiene as a part of personal hygiene, the demand for specialized hand hygiene products in India is on an upswing. Since Indians have become more health-conscious, they are showing an appreciation for products that contain herbal ingredients and this does not translate into a proportionate amount of purchases. However, due to the frequent occurrence of infectious diseases through various viruses, bacteria, etc., and rising healthcare costs, Indian consumers are adopting a precautionary attitude. The involvement of these products keeps us up with daily hygiene goals.

Market insight
Shower gels and hand wash products are one of the best personal care segments manufactured by many fast-moving consumer goods companies. As per the report “India Liquid Hand Wash & Shower Gel Market, By Value and Volume, By Brand (Lux, Cinthol, Nevia, Dove, Santoor, Pears, Fiama Di Wills, Palmolive, etc.), By Pack (Pump Pack, Refill Pack, etc.), By Ingredients (Herbal, Non-Herbal), By Company (Hindustan Unilever Limited, Godrej, Wipro, Colgate, etc. ), By Sales Channel (General retail, Multi-Brand Retail, Online), By Demographics (Urban, Rural), By Tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Others), (Trends & Forecast), Outlook, 2027-28” published by Bonafide Research looking at the dynamic growth of this particular market there is a high possibility that market will grow at a CAGR of above 18% in the years to come. Consumers are finding that traditional soaps make the skin dry by stripping out the moisture, due to the presence of sodium hydroxide. This has led to a growth in demand for shower gels as they hydrate the skin due to the presence of various oils and moisturizers. Body wash and shower gel are considered in the premium category of the products which have the highest penetration in urban regions due to the large presence of modern trade mode of distribution.
India has seen a great surge in the adaption of hand wash products in the last couple of years due to increasing awareness of hygiene and keeping one away from various diseases. It was seen that the adaption of hand wash products has surged with a CAGR of more than 9% in terms of volume in the last couple of years. Further, it is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 11% during the forecast period.  The ongoing crisis of COVID-19 Coronavirus will be providing an even surge in its utilization as consumers take care of hand hygiene. Along with this, the government's initiative like 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and 'Swastha Bharat’ will support growing the market and encourages people to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Traditionally, the most of sales of liquid hand wash and hand sanitizer were contributed by Institutions such as hospitals, offices, hotels, etc. but now the trend has moved a step further by rapidly growing in households.

What leads to the demand for hand hygiene products?
Most common natural hand wash & hand sanitizers are used oils extracted from plants. Vegetable Glycerin (optional), Aloe Vera Gel, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemon, Orange Essential Oil, Clove Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, etc. are found to be effective as Natural antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial & astringent ingredients in hand sanitizers & liquid hand washes. The demand for organic hand hygiene products is increasing on the back of growing health concerns in India. Thus, manufacturers are launching products made from natural oils. It is also commonly stated that plant-based hand hygiene is better for the environment than synthetic molecules. Recently, commercial hand hygiene products containing plant-based ingredients have gained increasing popularity among consumers, as these are commonly perceived as “safe” in comparison to long-established synthetic chemical-based products. There is a need for further invention to better evaluate hand hygiene product compounds and develop new products that offer high protection from infections as well as good consumer safety.

Advancement of the shower gel segment
Advancements in modern chemistry enabled the creation of shower gel (shower cream, body wash), and specialized liquid cleaning products for cleaning the entire body during showers. The main difference between liquid soaps and shower gels is that gels don’t contain Saponified oil. They are based mostly on petroleum, have numerous chemical ingredients that help easier cleaning of the skin, lather better in hard water areas, do not leave mineral residue on the skin and bathtub, and are in a balanced PH state (they don’t irritate the skin). Because some shower gels can cause drying up of the skin after use, many manufacturers insert various moisturizers into their recipes. Some use menthol, an ingredient that gives your skin a sensation of coldness and freshness. The majority of shower gels have conditioning agents, and therefore are perfectly usable as both bodies wash soap and hair shampoo.

How body washes products are different from traditionally used soap?            
It is usually a belief among people that using such products while bathing is just a straightforward task like all you need to do is get under the shower grab a little cleanser and scrub the day away. However, that is not the case here the application of soap, body wash or shower gels depends upon one's type of skin or on the type of region that you are in. People traditionally have the habit of using soap as bathing products but now a day body washes are getting into the list of consumers. The main difference between soap and body is the form of what they come in. Mostly the soaps are harsher than body wash and can remove essential lipids and protein or can alter skin Ph levels which leads to skin irritation. The body wash is generally more hygienic than soap as after taking bath the bacteria from one body may remain on it and have the chance that it can transmit to other bodies while bathing. In this case, body wash has the upper hand as it can avoid building up bacteria.

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A Combination of hand wash and shower gel depicts the situation of the hour that helps to keep the hand sanitized and body clean.

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