Date : March 11, 2020
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Test Preparation to drive the growth of e-learning market in India by 29.27% for the period ending 2027-28: Bonafide Research

Test Preparation to drive the growth of e-learning market in India by 29.27% for the period ending 2027-28: Bonafide Research

Considering that more than 15 million scholars in India prepare for competitive examinations, there's a vast demand for online test preparation classes. The reach of the internet in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has increased the accessibility for scholars to prepare for multiple entrance examinations after K12 and scale up. The test preparation demand growth in India by the university examinations students will be significant during the forecast period. The major university examinations sought by scholars include examinations specific to certain diligence, like engineering, operation, computer operations, drugstore, and law. The university exam preparation segment dominates the market, with more emphasis given by students in the fields of engineering, medical, pharmacy, and management along with university-specific entrance exams.

The recent publication by Bonafide Research," India E-learning and Test Preparation Market Outlook, 2027- 28", states that the K- 12 market is anticipated to be over INR,500 Crores by the end of the forecast period 2027- 28. The market is driven by the schools shifting from the traditional blackboard approach to integrating smart technology into literacy enviorment. The literacy trend encompasses a broad range of conditioning, tools, and services that aim to improve the educational hurdles of scholars. Scholars who successfully score high grades in competitive examinations are eligible for admission into advanced educational institutions. Hence, parents, scholars, and various stakeholders emphasize introductory STEM education in schools worldwide. With the arrival of technology, numerous educational institutions have started enforcing literacy operation systems( LMS), software, or web-grounded operations that give access to a central, intertwined space for educational resources, including content resources, assessment tools, grading tools, and executive tools.
The K- 12 education market comprises prominent players like BYJU's, Extramarks, Meritnation, Vedantu, Topper's Learning, and Toppr, among others. Likewise, the market is witnessing strategic amalgamations to capitalize on the growing demand. Brand identity majorly impacts the market; strong brands are synonymous with good performance, so long-standing players are anticipated to have the upper hand.
India is one of the biggest potential markets for e-learning system and LMS systems. New educational programs and enterprise are being taken by the government to give scholars liberty to choose from variety of subjects they would like to study across different streams. The ministry of Human Resource Development has foreseen to change the education system in India by 2040 by setting up a new public assessment centre, the PARAKH( Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development), to regularly check the education system.

COVID- 19's global spread put academic, social, and education systems to the test. It also brought the digital divide to the forefront of the education system, and numerous school districts have discouraged virtual literacy because not all students have internet access mostly in rural India and government schools. The epidemic has proven to be the driving force in boosting e-learning in major cities of India. The E-learning market is driven by the surging need for Ed Tech and Smart Classrooms amidst the epidemic.

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Test Preparation to drive the growth of e-learning market in India by 29.27% for the period ending 2027-28: Bonafide Research

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