Date : February 05, 2020
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Let the spray of air freshener enhance the mood of the room with its electrifying fragrance.

Let the spray of air freshener enhance the mood of the room with its electrifying fragrance.

The presence and growth of spray and electric air fresheners in the market have enhanced the mood of consumers in the room air freshener market segment.

No one likes the room heaving bad smell everyone wants the room to have a pleasant smell that enhances the mood. Usually, an unpleasant smell is found in the room which is not wiped clean. Electric/automatic is a type of air freshener able to do the job that keeps refreshing the bed with a variety of fragrances. Electric/automatic room freshener can easily mask the bad odour and neutralize them and make the room smell good. It removes the undesirable smell by developing fresh clean smell void regarding ghastly whiffs along with scrunching noses. They are available in a variety of designs instead of old fashioned bulky oxygen fresheners nowadays. Other than Electric/automatic fresheners others blossoms the fragrance of the room. There is a large adaption of room fresheners over the years which have allowed number the major companies to shifting their focus to the home and commercial segments also to capture the immense market. Room Fresheners come in a variety of formats namely Aerosol/Spray, Gel, Electric (Plug-In) Diffuser, liquid diffuser, candles and many more. Room Fresheners are more than just fragrance products be it home or office it has bigger emotional connotations where the consumers see themselves as taking better care of their surroundings, hence the category has a lot of potential for deep penetration in these years.

Indian room air freshener market has a variety of products present in the market. Among all the products spray air freshener have the well-set market and the selling of electric/automatic air freshener have been the fastest among other ones. According to the report “India Room Air Freshener Market Overview, 2022-2028” published by Bonafide Research the electric/automatic segment of the market has grown the fastest with a CAGR of above 17.5% over the last few years in term of values. Room fresheners market can be understood through two main segments they are residential and business to business (institutional). Residential are the ones that have a large consumer base where the products are available through general or retail stores in large numbers. Corporates, Hotels, malls, hospitals, railways, public bathrooms, theatres, Gov. Buildings & institution are the main consumers of business to business room air freshener market. Electric/automatic sprays, reed diffuser oil, refill sprays, etc. are mostly used in this section as this section is known as the consumers of the premium product category.

Delivery of room air freshener mechanisms falls into two broad categories: continuous action and instant action. Continuous action products include scented candles and devices which use a candle flame or some other heat source to heat and vaporize a fragrance formulation, incense burners, wall plug-ins which either use piezoelectric technology to aerosolize fragrance or heat to vaporize it, fragrance impregnated gels which release fragrance as the gel evaporates sometimes with the help of an electric fan, wick and reed diffusers which release fragrance by evaporation from fragrance-soaked wicks or wooden reeds; and fragrance impregnated materials like floor wax, paper, plastics, wood which release fragrance by off-gassing. The aerosol spray uses a propellant and fragrance packaged under pressure in a sealed metal or glass container with a valve which is opened by pressing down a button which contains a spray nozzle – the actuator. When the container's valve is opened by pressing the actuator, the fragrance is forced through the spray nozzle located inside the actuator to create a mist of droplets containing fragrance.


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Let the spray of air freshener enhance the mood of the room with its electrifying fragrance.

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