Date : February 05, 2020
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Don’t block the bathroom with bad odor; let it gel with air freshener to smell better.

Don’t block the bathroom with bad odor; let it gel with air freshener to smell better.

The bathroom is an integral part of our home bad odour makes it blocked but the use of block or spray air freshener makes it smell better.

There is thinking of many people that is there any need for air fresheners in the bathroom? The answer is yes it is extremely needed and if it is not present the house does really smell bad. Even if the bathroom is cleaned properly there is an utmost need for air freshener to make it smell well and free it from bad odour. An air freshener is a product that typically emits fragrance to eliminate unpleasant odour in a room. It contains different ingredients such as aerosol propellants, fragrances, and solvents such as 2-butoxyethanol, mineral oil, and glycol ethers, which neutralize unpleasant odour. These air fresheners absorb the bad odour, thereby masking the bad smell in the air. People have started using bathroom air fresheners at home or at the workplace that smells better with a variety of fragrances. The rise in demand for air care and an increase in concerns over indoor air quality have led to a high demand for air fresheners. This segment has a lot of potentials to grow to keep in mind the upsurge in consumer's disposable income, increasing nuclear family, a growing number of malls and corporate offices. Considering the same there is a lot of new entrants in this space which comes with some product innovations but they lack the distribution channel. Furthermore, the rise in disposable income and the change in lifestyle & spending habits further boost the market growth.

According to the report “India Bathroom Air Freshener Market Overview, 2022-2028” published by Bonafide research Indian bathroom air freshener market has been growing at a CAGR of above 9% in the last few years. Bathroom Air Fresheners are available in different formats namely blocks, aerosol/sprays, gels, 1 touch air, automatic sprays, etc. Residential and the business to business (institutional) are the two segments that are prevailing in the bathroom air fresheners market. The residential segment includes the products used for home. This segment has a wide consumer base as the products are available to each and every general or single retail store. These types of stores are available at every corner of the country. Products like blocks, aerosol/sprays, gels are the ones which are extensively used for residential bathroom are easily available through local stores. 

Another segment that is business to business which includes the areas like the restrooms of corporate, educational institutional, malls, hospitals, hotels, etc. Institutional section of the bathroom air freshener market is considered as a growing market where the consumers visiting any institution or employee of any corporate are getting aware and generating the demand for clean and pleasant smelly washrooms. In addition to blocks, gel, and aerosol, these segments include products like urinal net air freshener, electric diffuser and its refills which is considered as effective and it comes at less price. From the variety of the products available in these markets, blocks are the ones that were used in houses for long and have the largest market presence whereas gel air fresheners, electric/automatic air fresheners are growing at a comparatively rapid rate than other bathroom air freshener products. The growth is owing to the increase in urbanization and the person’s capability to spend disposable income.


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Don’t block the bathroom with bad odor; let it gel with air freshener to smell better.

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