Date : January 28, 2020
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National food staple rice is getting packed and ready to serve in Indian dishes.

National food staple rice is getting packed and ready to serve in Indian dishes.

Packed rice is the growing trend in India, and the nation is transforming its habit for the consumption of national staple food.

Indian's have the culture of living in joint families where people used to work together and have their meal together. The main component of the meal used to be the rice which is still the tradition. In India, no meal is complete without the inclusion of rice in the dish. Rice has been the regular food staple in Indian diet weather you are from eastern, southern, western or from the northern part of the country. Two main components of rice that are being consumed in India which are basmati considered as premium rice products which are consumed occasionally and the regular rice being used in daily diet. An approximate consumption of rice in India previously used to be around 71 kgs a year which is now expected around 74 kgs a year. Previously the rural regions used to be the higher consumers of rice compared to the urban areas but at present things are getting changed as the consumption of rice in urban region is increasing. The reason for the increase in the urban use is due to the rise in urbanization and its consumption through packed as well as the unpacked has raised. In the case of production, India has the favourable climate for the production of rice throughout the year where southern, eastern, north-eastern produces rice throughout the year and western and northern states produce rice in a single season. The top five rice-producing states over the years have been the same they are West-Bengal, Uttar-Pradesh, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar respectively India is the among the top rice-producing nation just after china. As far as global production is concern, Asian rice production constitutes around 90% of global rice production.

According to the report " India Rice Market (Domestic & Export), By Packaging (Packed), By Company, By Region (State & City), By Sales Channel (Traditional & Departmental Stores, Supermarket / Hypermarket, Online) Market Overview, 2022 - 2028" by Bonafide research India's overall rice market is growing at a consistent rate is expected to grow at a CAGR just above 6% by value in the forecasted period. Overall rice market also includes the value generated from the export as India is the major rice exporting nation and followed by Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and China among the top five nations. Basmati rice dominates the overall export of rice, and the top three importing nations of basmati rice are Iran, Saudi Arab and Iraq. The overall rice market is then further segmented into the domestic market which has the presence of both organised as well as an unorganised market. The unorganised market covers a large portion of Indian domestic rice market which includes small retails stores, local companies which are mostly available in Tire 2, Tire 3 cities and the rural ones. Basmati rice in spite being the smallest segment in Indian domestic rice market has shown the fastest growth compare to non-basmati rice. Historically basmati rice has shown a rapid growth of CAGR around 6.5% in terms of value. There are few types of basmati rice produced in India, namely Pusa basmati 1121, Ranbir, Taraori, Pusa basmati 1509, CSR-30, Dehradooni etc.

Another segment of domestic rice is the organised (packed) rice segment. The packed segment of rice has shown a right amount of growth over the last few years. This growth was factored due to the increase in the urbanization, increase in purchasing power of consumer and the awareness about the quality of packed rice product. Previously the rice was only available through small retail stores and Kirana stores the consumers used to purchase them in large quantity owing to the large size of the family. As the size of the family started getting smaller and the rice consumption of a family keep getting lesser, the packed rice segment came into the picture which comes various pack sizes such as 1kg, 2kg, 5kg and 10kg. Packed rice companies are still to explore the Tire 2 and Tire 3 cities entirely because of the logistic hurdle to transport the packages of smaller quantity to very remote places. The sale of packed rice through online and modern trade has increased, which have allowed the companies to display its products and also allowed the consumers to get it at their desired location. The consumer's awareness towards health rice section has increased over the years, which have included brown rice and organic rice in their consumption list. Brown rice is an established section in India rice market whereas natural rice adaption is increasing. Organic rice adaption has shown growth CAGR of around 25% historically. Black rice is the new trend in India rice market which is at present produced in a few selected states of the country but with its high nutritional value is able to put-up a competition against brown and organic rice.

Major Companies
There is an increase in competition in the packed rice industry with significant companies involving in the packed rice market are KRBL, LT foods, Kohinoor foods, Amir Chand Jagdish Kumar (Export) Ltd, Sarveshwar Food, Misthann Foods Limited, Adani Wilmar Limited, Amira Pure Foods Limited, Dunar foods. The leading packed rice brands are India Gate, Dawaat, Kohinoor and Aeroplane. Private label brands like Big Basket, Amazon, Flipkart, and Grofers are trying their hands in this sector plus the edible oil sector like Fortune brand have started penetrating in this sector.


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National food staple rice is getting packed and ready to serve in Indian dishes.

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