Date : January 28, 2020
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A person in his lifespan of 60 years contributes almost 17 years in sleeping and choosing a better mattress makes the sleep even peaceful.

A person in his lifespan of 60 years contributes almost 17 years in sleeping and choosing a better mattress makes the sleep even peaceful.

Sleep is an essential part of life, and a peaceful sleep makes life even healthier and choosing a better mattress makes days, months and years happier.

The domestic mattress market has witnessed a growth in recent years on account of rising penetration of organized sector. Growth of organized sector is fuelled by increasing demand for good quality mattresses by upcoming foreign players, growing health consciousness and entry of new players in the organized segment of the mattress industry. Most of the organized brands in the mattress industry are reporting bullish growth. The unorganized players don’t endanger them as they are trying their best to reach consumers of all the cities across India via their exclusive franchisees or dealers. As the organized sectors are evolving, it has given a chance to the startups to grow in this market. The startups have brought lot many innovations in the mattress market such as Compressing and roll-backing inner spring beds, Latex alternative foam, individually pocketed spring technology etc. Such type of changes allows in the mattress section helps a person to get a peaceful sleep. 

According to the report "India Mattress Market By Organised Vs Unorganised, By Mattress Size ( King, Queen, Single, Others ), By Type ( Coir, PU Foam, Spring ), By Sales Channel ( Online & Retail ), By Company( Kurlon, Sheela foam, Peeps, Springwell etc. ), By Tier, By City, Overview, 2022-2027" Indian mattress market has grown at a CAGR above 11% in terms of value. The overall mattress market is divided into four pricing segments luxury, premium, mid and economy segment. Luxury and the premium segment are widely prevalent in the tier 1 cities which have the most significant presence of institutional sector. The institutional sector includes hospitals & nursing rooms, resorts, educational institutions with hostel facilities, government offices, retail, restaurants, etc. Tire 1 cities are highly dominated by institutional sector as compared to the residential sector. On comparing the revenue generated from the tire one cities to tire two cities, the latter have the upper hand as those cities have the presence of residential as well as the institutions' sector in large number. Tire 2 cities are the largest buyers of mid and economy segment of mattresses. The organized mattress market is mostly limited to tire one and few of the tier two cities, but it has shown a growth at a faster rate at a CAGR of nearly 17% as compared to the unorganized sector. Apart from these two types of cities tire three cities being the smallest contributor in the Indian mattress have shown the fastest adaption in recent years. 

With the understanding about the pricing of a mattress, its preference also depends on the sizes of the mattress like king size, queen size, double and single size. King and Queen Size mattresses are usually priced higher and thus contribute more towards revenues. In contrast, volumes are large in single and double size mattresses, but due to lower pricing of these mattresses they tend to capture less revenue share in the market. King size mattresses are growing in popularity and comfort is the most crucial factor while choosing them. King size beds are used by couples that want the maximum amount of sleeping space. This bed size is also preferable for families having children or pets that share the bed. On the other hand, Queen Size mattresses provide more width than a full-size mattress, which adds additional comfort for two sleepers. With the dimensions of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, the queen size mattress is the right choice for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms. However, with the growing youth population in the country and young ones moving out of home towns, single size mattresses are expected to grow in the coming years. 

Previously, the mattress market had only a few domestic players in the organized segment. But with growing opportunities in the industry, many new players have entered the space. Not only local players, but foreign players are also entering the Indian market for their geographical expansion. The increasing number of players in the organized mattress segment will give more exposure to the industry and will help snatch the market from unorganized players. Startups have emerged as a new emerging trend in Indian mattress market with innovation in their products. There are some new entrants into the market they are Wakefit, Wink & Nod, Sunday, SleepyCat and have to make their mark with the innovation they brought in this sector. Some of the big players in this sector are Kurlon enterprise limited, Sheela foam limited, Peps industries limited, Spring well mattress private limited, Coir foam India Private limited. 

Covid-19 has led to online market and in mattress market players are adopting this strategy of online sales of mattress. Also, many innovative products like Orthopaedic Mattress, Dual Mattress, etc. are developed due to need of the people in these days. 

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A person in his lifespan of 60 years contributes almost 17 years in sleeping and choosing a better mattress makes the sleep even peaceful.

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