Beer is slowly becoming a perfect after-work companion for corporate India and fueling the beer market growth in the country- Bonafide research
Jul, 02

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Beer is slowly becoming a perfect after-work companion for corporate India and fueling the beer market growth in the country- Bonafide research



With increasing economic development, the level of anxiety and stress has also been increased in Indian corporate world; People are finding it hard to find work-life balance & are looking for some refreshments in the evening. Beer is observed to be slowly becoming a primary drink for them.

According to report ‘India Beer Market Overview, 2018-2023’ published by Bonafide Research, The Indian Alcoholic beverages market observed the heights market share of Whisky which is followed by brandy & beer. Being third in Indian alcohol beverages market, Indian Beer market has a market share of less than 20%. The Indian Beer market size by volume was more than 240 million cases in year 2010-11 and the consumption of beer is observed to be increasing with growth of mild and craft beers in India. The other major factors leading to growth are the economic development achieved by India resulting which indeed increased the disposable income which is wisely spent for luxury and leisure, changes in demographics, increasing bar and pub culture, growing women consumption etc.

The rising disposable income of Indian consumers has also led to shifting of consumers from standard beer brands to more expensive premium and foreign brands. People in India are becoming more brand conscious and have started consuming brand beer rather than some of the local beer and country liquor. While the strong beer consumers are slowly shifting towards mild beers or occasionally consumer mild beers based on availability or for a change of taste. The mild beer market shows high market growth in future. While talking about consumption pattern in India north and east combine contributes less than 40% in Indian beer market. Still most of the beer in Indian beer market is sold in bootless, the sales through cans are expected to rise in near future as they are easy to handle and store. Cans are more stronger, and not break easily compared to the traditional glass bottles.

The Consumption of beer if found to be increasing between the corporate employees of India as they are heavily stressed out whole day and many a times get depressed too. Beer indeed helps them in relaxing and provides the joy of consuming alcohol with a reasonable price compared to other alcoholic beverages. As, beer contains less alcohol by volume (ABV) it doesn’t make people high easily and make them less drunks. This helps the corporate employees to perform their daily routines properly on the next day without any headache.

Major Companies

Major companies that operate into Indian Beer market are United Breweries Limited, Carlsberg India Private Limited, Crown Beer India Private Limited, SABMiller India Limited, Mohan Meakin Limited, Molson Coor Cobra India Private Limited, B9 Beverages Private Limited, Devans Modern Breweries Limited, SOM Distilleries and Breweries Limited.

Report: India Beer Market Overview, 2018- 2023

Base Year: 2016-17, Estimated Year: 2017-18, Forecast Year: 2022-23

Pages: 55, Figures: 27, Tables: 6.

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