Date : October 14, 2022
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The Make in India programme propels a number of launches in the Vodka & Gin market of India: Bonafide Research

The Make in India programme propels a number of launches in the Vodka & Gin market of India: Bonafide Research

The vodka and gin landscape in India has changed a fair bit over the last four years, with new home brands launched in India and people savouring it more than before. Anjali Shahi and Lavanya Jayashankar launched Matinee Gin in 2021, which is an indigenous craft gin, using snake saffron, white turmeric, kagzi lime, and Goan peppercorn, the spices that make Matinee distinctive. Varna Bhat, a branding expert, launched Rahasya Vodka in January 2021. It is a crisp vodka with a refreshing aftertaste, made from high quality corn and wheat grains from Punjab, and it is best enjoyed plain and simple on ice. It's best to drink the vodka with chilled tender coconut water or as a Bloody Mary cocktail.The first India Craft Spirit Company’s Dry Gin, Terai, was launched during the pandemic. Made from homegrown rice grains, infused with 11 local botanicals including tulsi, fennel, coriander, lavender, and rose, it has a distinct flavour profile as compared to the traditional London Dry style of gin. In terms of their marketing strategy, they have utilised the power of social media and established a strong presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook by posting tutorials and holding virtual workshops throughout the pandemic.

According to the research report published by Bonafide Research, "India Vodka & Gin Market Outlook," vodka and gin sales in India are expected to grow over the forecast period, with gin forecast to sell nearly 4.50 million cases by 2027, whereas the vodka market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.37%. Gin sales will rise due to an increase in disposable income, changing demographics, increased awareness, and the growing popularity of cocktails.It is forecasted that vodka sales could achieve considerable growth over the coming years with the launch of new home brands in the Indian market and increasing consumption from the younger demographics. The vodka market in India hasn’t been experiencing a high level of growth for a few years now. But while the regular vodka category has witnessed a flat line, the flavoured category has been witnessing good growth in the industry and nearly accounts for 41% of the overall vodka sales. Vodka packaging is always bolder since it needs to be attractive to appeal to both youth and women. Amazing Vodka, packed in a frosted bottle with colourful printing, attracts consumers. The colour of the packaging for caps and labels according to the flavour of the drink clearly makes it stand out.

India has one of the biggest consumer markets for vodka. The clear distilled alcoholic beverage finds many takers because of its neutral taste, which makes for a good drink without any mixing and also melds well with chasers and other flavourings. It can just as easily be had on the rocks as it can be fashioned into a buzzy, refreshing cocktail. With the country’s huge population, changing lifestyle, and rising disposable income, the demand for spirits and the best vodka brands in India is expected to remain high in the future. Vodka blends really well with Indian palettes. The beverage has been scaling new peaks in terms of sales volume in the Indian market. There are numerous best vodka brands in India, with prices ranging from affordable to premium to super premium.With the cocktail culture spreading across the cities and towns of the country, vodka is a fast emerging and preferred choice amongst liquor consumers as compared to other categories of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). Most lounge bars and pubs in India have a plethora of different vodka brands with price points starting from new and emerging brands to luxury and designer labels.

Vodka is a traditional drink in Russian culture, as well as a key ingredient in many cocktails and a mixologist's dream. Vodka is well-known for being the party's main attraction. Some shots of this spirit can give a person a rush like no other. The top selling vodkas in the Indian market are Magic Moments, Romanov, Smirnoff, Absolut, Fuel, Vladimir, White Mischief, Eristoff, Grey Goose, and Belvedere. With the 'Make In India' initiative gaining momentum, Rahasaya, White Mischief, Magic Moments, Romanov, and Smoke Vodka are Indian brands.


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The Make in India programme propels a number of launches in the Vodka & Gin market of India: Bonafide Research

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