Date : April 24, 2018
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The mature UPS Market has entered in Price War with foreign Companies: Bonafide Research

The mature UPS Market has entered in Price War with foreign Companies: Bonafide Research

With the “Make in India” initiative more foreign companies have entered in India. The pricing strategy of foreign companies is to manufacture locally in India, and supply at Chinese prices to capture the market. Government support for foreign brand is helping them to gradually invade India UPS market.

The India UPS Market is very competitive in last few years. Price war between Indian manufacturer and foreign players is fierce in UPS Market. The market is very fragmented and the Industry associations are not very effective in streamlining the industry or the customer’s buying procedures. Customers are getting more brands agnostic and focusing more on prices. Government orders have a high procurement costs which is very unfortunate for OEMs in UPS market. On other hand, foreign players in India UPS market with better dealer segments and Retail channels are becoming a bigger challenge for the Indian UPS Manufacturers.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India UPS Market Overview, 2027-28" The UPS solution is ever increasing due to the rising demand for electricity amongst consumers and enterprises as well as the need for quality power. The India UPS industry has seen much interest from international players, while some big foreign names are operating through wholly owned Indian subsidiaries; there are several others that have chosen the inorganic route to gain entry into the market. 

China as a nation is a worldwide center for most items (of even MNC brands) that one can envision today. With a few remote brands getting their items made in China for worldwide appropriation, China is and will keep on being the pioneer in assembling volumes and costs. Additionally, China being such a tremendous assembling center, the hardware segments are accessible to them at low costs and their assembling ecosystem is superb. India and the normal Indian producer with the assets accessible to them will think that it's exceptionally hard to coordinate Chinese costs in the mass market items. The significant difficulties that UPS makers confront are the minimal effort imports from China and Taiwan, and additionally expanding raw material costs. As end clients have particular applications and diverse necessities, it is vital for providers to offer redid answers for survive and manage high development in this furiously aggressive market. Shoddy imports from China and Taiwan, paralleled by mounting raw material costs, will posture noteworthy difficulties to Indian UPS manufacturers. The expansion in battery costs, combined with rising labour costs, has brought about UPS providers attempting to keep up their edges.

The main drawback for Indian companies to make UPS in India is the lack of technology. 80-90% of High frequency UPS selling in India is imported not manufactured. Even there are more than 800 UPS companies in India, no one have the right technology. To support Indian UPS Manufacturer, government should have to source or develop indigenous High frequency technology and provide this to all UPS manufacturers. This will strengthen the UPS manufacturer in India and to stop cheap imports and price war in between foreign and local players. 

Major companies operating in the UPS market of India are Vertiv Energy Private Limited, Schneider Electric India Private Limited, Eaton Power Quality Private Limited, Delta Power Solution (India) Private Limited, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Private Limited, Swelect Energy Systems Limited, Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited, Microtek International private limited, V-Guard Industries Limited, Su-Kam Power Systems Limited 


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The mature UPS Market has entered in Price War with foreign Companies: Bonafide Research

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