Date : February 26, 2018
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Hot up and make up of India frozen Yogurt market by Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chain. Bonafide Research

Hot up and make up of India frozen Yogurt market by Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chain. Bonafide Research

Indian consumers are in transitional phase wherein they are shifting from unpackaged or lose Yogurt to packaged Yogurt. In this phase, Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chains are helping Indians to move ahead and have healthy and tasty Yogurt replacing old practices. They are fighting with each to have lion's share in the overall Yogurt market in the country. 

Indian was known of the Yogurt from past but only in the form of Curd/Dahi, Lassi and Buttermilk not any other form. With the passage of time, westernisation and increased health awareness Yogurt in Frozen form were demanded. Companies operating outside Indian and operating in India took these challenges and came up with various flavours of Frozen Yogurt in India.  In initial stage, it had faced tough times as most of Indian homes set Curd/Dahi at their own and consumes daily. So it was challenging to convince them with frozen Yogurt offered by companies and retail chains. But with its taste, benefits, attractive look started to gain attention of people.  Retail Yogurt makers like Amul. Danone, Mother Dairy, Britannia, Parag Foods are offering various Yogurt by competing Yogurt service chin like Cocoberry, Red Mango, Menchie's, Forever Yogurt and Flavour24. 

According to reports 'India Yogurt Market Outlook, 2027-28' published by Bonafide Research, India Yogurt market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of more than 12% in the forecasted period of FY 2022-23 to FY 2027-28. Its total Yogurt market is consist Organised and Unorganised Yogurt market wherein Unorganised Yogurt market dominates the Organised one. Organised Yogurt market is further segmented into Retail Yogurt Market and Yogurt Service Market. Retail Yogurt market is tracked by Yogurt service Chain market by holding more than 95% market share. Both the markets are divided in Spoonful Yogurt and Drinkable Yogurt in which Spoonful has bigger pie. In case of Retail Yogurt market, players like GCMMF, Mother Dairy, Nestle India and Parag Milk Foods have held more than 50% of the market. On the other side, Yogurt service chain market, Flavours24, Cocoberry, Red Mango has constituted 30% of the service chain market.

Players whether retail or service chain widening their portfolio of Yogurt to serve Indian consumers. Amul launched an all natural probiotic vitamins fortified flavored Yogurt under the brand name 'Flaavyo' in early 2011 with two flavours Mango and Strawberry. Following the trend Mother Dairy had also launched its Yogurt in Mango, Blueberry and Raspberry flavours. Parag Foods has introduced Go Yogurt with an Indian twist in four flavours Strawberry, Mango, Banana & Pineapple. Recently it has highest flavour of Yogurt apart from above flavours namely Mixed Berry, Lychee, Guava, Vanilla and Kesar. The words ‘Greek Yogurt’ is most often associated with Epigamia, the first Greek Yogurt in India. It is manufactured and distributed by the Drum Food International. It is followed by Nestle In 2016 and Danone in 2017. Apart from these Giants Cooperative dairy (Paras dairy, Tirumala Milk Products, KMF) and regional players are also offering wide varieties of frozen Yogurt.  

In the matter of Yogurt service chain, Cocoberry is the first home grown service chain founded in year 2009. Red Mango, the U.S-headquartered frozen Yogurt has tracked Cocoberry and came in India in 2012. Another franchise for South Korean brand Yogurberry for North and East India started offering its frozen Yogurt. Kiwi Kiss owned by Brand Calculus Franchising also offers of the Frozen Yogurt mostly in South India. Flavour24 is also home grown Yogurt service chain in India established in August 2012; they currently operate 24 outlets across the country. Forever Yogurt is third franchise of the Polo foods in India. It is the Master Franchisee of Forever Yogurt not only in India but also for the countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal. Thus all these players are doing hot up and make up of frozen Yogurt market in India and giving fire to the overall Yogurt market. 

Major Companies

Major companies that operate into the Yogurt market in India are Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Private Limited, Parag Milk Foods Limited, Prabhat Dairy Limited, Drums Food International Private Limited, Hatsun Agro Product Limited, Heritage Foods Limited, Karnataka Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, Tirumala Milk Products Private Limited, VRS Foods Limited, Nestle India Limited, Danone Foods and Beverages India Private Limited, Britannia Dairy Private Limited, Cocoberry Restaurants and Distributors Private Limited, Team24 Foods & Beverages Private Limited (Flavours24), Maez One Retail and Food Private Limited (Red Mango), Brand Calculus Franchising (India) Private Limited (Kiwi kiss), Polo Foods QSR Private Limited, MOI Retail Private Limited, Fonterra India Private Limited, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd., Modern Cream Dairy Industries Pvt. Ltd.


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Hot up and make up of India frozen Yogurt market by Retail Yogurt makers and Yogurt service chain. Bonafide Research

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