Date : August 01, 2016
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Indians ardour for contemporary cooking spurs the demand for Mixer Grinders: Bonafide Research

Indians ardour for contemporary cooking spurs the demand for Mixer Grinders: Bonafide Research

Rise in the trend of home cooking, modern lifestyle, growing purchasing power, increase in number of working women and Indian consumer's interest in more advanced cooking methods are supporting the sales of mixer grinders/liquidizers in the country. With advance cooking being a big part of the Indian culture, adoption of modern kitchen aids such as mixer grinders in the country has been on the rise in last three years. Lifestyle and demands for western food is growing among the Indian consumers especially in middle class consumers which cover more than half of the population in India. The rapid changes in cooking style led to rise in demand of mixer grinder. This appliance makes life more comfortable and easier. Interest in more advanced cooking is now rising in emerging economies like India. More and more people want to emulate professionals and looking for modern food. This trend has helped in the growth of mixer grinder market. 

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Mixer, Juicer & Grinder Market Overview, 2022-28", mixer grinders, which are also known as liquidizers, will grow at a CAGR of about 12% over next five years. Towns with population of less than one million are showing a faster take-up of mixer grinders. Demand of mixer grinders depends largely on how they meet the preparation needs of the different types of regional and western cuisines. More households are increasingly depending on these useful appliances as they can greatly help to shorten the time spent on cooking and make the daily task a lot easier and convenient. Considering the cooking culture and dietary habits of Indians, mixer grinders which enhance convenience and bring about better quality of life will continue to remain a sought after appliance by households in India. This is especially the case with regards to dinner, a meal which is still widely regarded as a special time of the day when families enjoy spending time together with modern food. Increasingly, Indians are reluctant to spend money in restaurants for western food and other foodservice outlets and this is demonstrating a strong preference for preparing complete meal at home.

 Mixer Grinder is an appliance which gives more comfort, easiness and also reduces the time of cooking. On other hand, the companies are expanding its presence in not so strong markets like North & East. It is likely to face pricing pressure from cheaper unorganized players given the high price elasticity in this market. High entry barriers in the mixer grinder segment led to increased competition from unorganised players and regional brands. Some international brands are also expanding their business in this segment. Major companies operating in the mixer, juicer & grinder market of India are Preethi Kitchen Appliances Pvt. Ltd., Bajaj Electricals Limited, Philips India Limited, Groupe SEB India Pvt. Ltd., Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Limited and Kitchen Appliances India Limited.

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Indians ardour for contemporary cooking spurs the demand for Mixer Grinders: Bonafide Research

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