Date : August 01, 2016
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Baby Hair Care Market, a small yet fast expanding within India baby cosmetic industry: Bonafide Research

Baby Hair Care Market, a small yet fast expanding within India baby cosmetic industry: Bonafide Research

Growing infant/baby population coupled with declining infant mortality rates, smaller average family size, increased per capita spending on babies, rising awareness for baby health and hygiene, and enlarged specialized baby products are the primary growth driving factors for baby cosmetic market in India.    

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Baby Cosmetic Market Outlook, 2027-28”, the baby hair care market is forecasted to represent the CAGR of more than 11% during forecast period. India baby cosmetic market comprises into three categories such as Baby Skin Care, Baby Hair Care and Baby Toiletries. Moreover, baby cosmetic market is also categorized according to product usage/application, referred as bath products, pre-bath products, and post-bath products. Baby toiletries market which consists of products like baby diapers and baby wipes is the largest revenue generating segment mainly due to the highest consumption of baby diapers amongst all baby cosmetic products in India. This segment is followed by baby skin care market that has the extensive range of products such as baby massage oil, baby powder, baby soap & body wash, and baby cream & lotion.  

Baby hair care segment is a very small category, includes the baby hair shampoo & conditioner and hair oil products. Baby hair care market is currently at its infancy level that reveals the low penetration of these products in both urban and rural areas. In fact, the sales of baby hair care products remain quiet in comparison to other segments. Indian consumers still prefer to use hair oil made from home remedies or buy from local bazaar. Secondly, the consumption of baby shampoo is very low in India as consumers use baby soap to wash their baby's hair. The high price points of baby shampoo products restrict the demand for this product, which is limited to metro-urban India. The sales of baby conditioners are too low as parents avoid using such products on their babies owing the scare of harsh chemicals. As a result, the baby hair care market is facing hard challenges to drive the sales of these products.

However, the baby hair care market is anticipated to witness some progress in sales of baby shampoo, conditioner and hair oil products as consumers are increasingly getting exposed to media that advertises baby hair care products. The modern parents are moving towards the branded hair oil products which are specially launched for babies that promise to offer absolutely safe products which would not harm eyes of the kids. Furthermore, today's parents are more educated and vigilant, who are acknowledged the significance of baby hair care products and consequently are fast adopting them to provide better care to their children's yielding hair. Accordingly, the growth of the baby hair care products will be led by growing consumption and penetration of baby shampoo and baby hair oil products.
The market has enormous potential to grow in upcoming years as baby cosmetic products manufacturing companies are endeavouring to meet the demand of consumers by introducing new variants along with innovative functionalities. India has experienced the innovation and introduction of various types of baby hair care product variants in recent years. For example, the variant such as No Tear Shampoo is the recent product development in baby shampoo category. The leading baby cosmetic products making companies have come up with this variant that appeals the consumers to use these tear free shampoo which is free from harmful ingredients. To push the sales of baby conditioner, the leading players are selling baby conditioners through offering them free with baby shampoo bottles or attaching discount schemes.       

The market for baby hair care will also definitely exhibit a dramatic change in the competitive landscape over the forecast period. Many international players will foray into the lucrative baby hair care market with their diversified product portfolio. Additionally, strengthening manufacturing technologies and revolution in healthcare practices in India will drive gains in this market. The continuous efforts of leading manufacturers in R&D activities and subsequent product development will accelerate the sales of baby hair care products. The hair care product like hair detangle, which is used for taming hair tangles, are currently imported in India. The Indian companies are expected to introduce this product in the domestic market which would add one more product coupled with further growth in baby hair care market. The trend of shopping malls and e-retailing has provided a platform to the baby products manufacturing companies to launch and position their offerings to India’s affluent consumer base. In addition, the large untapped market in the rural areas is also anticipated to witness realistic market developments, which will provide further impetus to the baby hair care and hence to the baby cosmetic market.

Major companies operating in the baby cosmetic market of India are Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd., The Himalaya Drug Company, Dabur India Limited, P&G India, Unicharm India Private Limited, and Pigeon India Pvt. Ltd. 

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Baby Hair Care Market, a small yet fast expanding within India baby cosmetic industry: Bonafide Research

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