Date : September 23, 2022
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Tissue and wipes Market in India is expected to cross INR 3000 Crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

Tissue and wipes Market in India is expected to cross INR 3000 Crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

Exposure to sophisticated lifestyles, rising disposable incomes, rising awareness towards health and hygiene, growing young population having busy schedule and increasing exposure of western culture are the primary growth driving factors for Tissue market in India.
Tissue paper is an essential hygiene and sanitary product, which has gained worldwide recognition and stands out as a necessary sanitation enabler today. Various kinds of tissue papers are sold in the market such as paper napkins, toilet tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and other tissue paper products. In the global tissue paper market, toilet tissue product has the highest consumption followed by paper napkins. North America and Western Europe are the mature markets for tissue paper products. APAC and MEA are the developing regions for this market, where the Asian countries like China and India are rapidly moving towards tissue paper adoption from cloth substitutes. Most of the global sales for tissue paper products are driving by Away From Home i.e. institutional segment. However, the growth of tissue paper market is hindered by growing demand of hand dryers by various organizations and other environmental factors which impact it negatively.  The key players dominating the Global tissue paper market space include Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ), Georgia-Pacific LLC, Kimberly-Clark Corp., and The Procter and Gamble Co. The other global tissue paper companies are Asia Pulp & Paper (subsidiary of SINAR MAS Group), Clearwater Paper Corp., Cascades Inc., Corolex, Empresas CMPC, Hengan International, Metsä Tissue, Industrie Cartarie Tronchetti S.p.A. (ICT), SOFIDEL, and WEPA.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Tissues & Wipes Market Overview, 2022-2028”, Indian tissue paper market is taking upward trend in terms of revenue. The market is anticipated to grow with more than 12% CAGR during the forecast period. Traditionally, consumption of tissue was not common in India. Consumption of tissue papers has been increased, especially in urban areas, owing to rising disposable incomes and exposure to sophisticated lifestyles. Institutions such as restaurants, hotels, offices and hospitals initially adopted tissue papers for the convenience of customers, patients and staff, which is now encouraged households to buy tissue papers to maintain hygiene. In spite of substantial growth in consumption, India continues to be amongst the lowest tissue consuming markets on per capita basis. In terms of types, paper napkin dominates the tissue market in 2021-22, followed by toilet tissues and facial tissues which have acquired together over 50% share in the same year. Away from home segment accounts for largest share of the total tissue paper market in India, The hospital chains, Food & Beverages retailers, QSRs, HoReca chains, MNCs, etc are the key commercial purchasers of tissue paper products.

Major companies operating in the Tissue market of India are Bella India Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Beeta Machines Pvt. Ltd., Origami Cellulo Private Limited, Premier Tissues India Limited and SCA Hygiene Products India Private Limited. 

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Tissue and wipes Market in India is expected to cross INR 3000 Crore by 2027-28: Bonafide Research

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