Multi-purpose surface cleaners are expected to grow with more than 20% CAGR in India: Bonafide Research
May, 01

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Multi-purpose surface cleaners are expected to grow with more than 20% CAGR in India: Bonafide Research



Multi-purpose cleaners are becoming extremely popular in the country as they save space, money and can be used for number of surfaces. Such advantages will make them a 'value for money' product, thus driving the sales volume.

Multi-purpose cleaners are products that can be used for a number of surfaces and areas in the house. They can be used to mop floors, clean windows, kitchen appliances, cupboards, countertops, grills, bathtubs and much other stuff in a home. Multi-purpose cleaners are just as efficient as other specialized cleaners. In India, surface cleaner market is divided into three segments namely floor cleaners, specialized cleaners and multi-purpose cleaners. Floor cleaners dominate the market whereas multi-purpose cleaners have less market share as compared to other segments. However, with the introduction of several multi-purpose cleaners they are anticipated to be a rage in India.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Surface Cleaner Market Overview, 2022-2028”, multi-purpose surface cleaners are anticipated to grow with more than 20% CAGR in the next five years. India is a type of country where awareness about different product categories and brands are very low as most of the population still lives in rural areas. It is very difficult to educate Indian consumers about different types of cleaning products and their usage accordingly. Consumers appreciate products that have multiple uses rather than a single purpose. Hence, behavioral pattern of Indian consumers make them the perfect target market for multi-purpose surface cleaners.

Multi-purpose cleaners are more convenient than other types of cleaners. Consumers do not need buying a number of cleaning products which allows them to save their spending. Moreover, placing a single bottle of cleaner is more convenient than placing a host of specialized cleaners in house. Cleaning is easier and faster; one can easily go from one area to another without having to switch to another cleaning product. According to Anita Patil, Assistant Manager at Bonafide Research, ""Multi-purpose surface cleaners are perceived as 'value for money' product by Indian consumers due to their multiple uses. Therefore, they will find acceptance not only in urban markets but also in rural areas.""

Major companies operating in the surface cleaner market of India are Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Limited, SC Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd., Dabur India Limited and Jyothy Laboratories Limited.