Date : October 14, 2022
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Expansion in Indian Chinese Cuisines Fuelling Growth in Chinese Sauces Market in India: Bonafide Research

Expansion in Indian Chinese Cuisines Fuelling Growth in Chinese Sauces Market in India: Bonafide Research

Progressively, sales of various Chinese sauces products are increasing due to growing trend of Indian Chinese cuisines, outing food, fast food, changing lifestyle and standard of living, availability of various domestic and international brands, marketing strategies of companies, innovation and rising disposable income in the country. India has witnessed rapid growth from the last two-three years, which in turn led to a sharp increase in the income of the middle class segment, which eventually lead to the expand on convenience food. Indian people are willing to pay on tasty, novelty and delicious food. With rise in the upper middle and high income class of Indians and fast paced work life, long weekends and spending relaxed evenings has increased demand for restaurants and hotels to offer Indian Chinese Cuisines and serve local, international and overseas foods in a snug, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, where numbers of Chinese sauces variants are utilized in Chinese food recipes. Chinese food is an emerging trend on cities streets across India, which is oldest international food category that willingly adopted by Indian consumers. Chinese cuisine ranks India's most favourite after local food, in the country's food and beverages business.

A spicy Indianite version of Chinese food took to the streets of metros, the cheap fusion cuisine becoming a great social leveller. The largest Chinese food chain and people are increasing to make Chinese food at home composes the positive impact on Chinese sauces market. Indian Chinese food is readily available in major metropolitan areas of India such as Bhopal, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kochi, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. It is also available in a number of towns and at dhabas or roadside stalls, also popularly referred to as "Fast food", adjacent to major Indian roads and highways. Many restaurants have a Chinese section in their menus, and some are even dedicated to serving Indian Chinese food. It can also be found in mobile kitchen carts (lari or rekdi) that ply the streets of cities, prepared in woks over a portable gas burner.

Manchurian sauce, Szechwan sauce, soy sauce and Hakka noodles are available in many stores in cities across the country. These factors make positive growth in Chinese sauces market in India. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Chinese & Hot Sauces Market Overview", Chinese & hot sauces market was growing at a CAGR of nearly 14% over five years. The growing youngster population and increasing disposable income provides many opportunities in the Chinese sauces Industry as people are moving towards ready to eat foods and they are willing to adopt foreign meals. The success of Chinese food chains in India forced their competitive strategy of modifying their menus to fit local consumer’s food tastes and culture. As Indians go abroad for school, vacation, or business and when they return home, many have developed a fondness for particular foreign foods or brands. The Chinese sauces market is seeing a greater variety of flavours and ingredients, though various Chinese sauces remains the most important in all Chinese dishes such as soya sauce is the king of the any of the Chinese recipe. Thus, players have big opportunities in Chinese sauces market in India.



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Expansion in Indian Chinese Cuisines Fuelling Growth in Chinese Sauces Market in India: Bonafide Research

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