India Sanitaryware Market Fuelled With Growth Essentials: Bonafide Research
Aug, 01

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India Sanitaryware Market Fuelled With Growth Essentials: Bonafide Research


According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Sanitaryware Market Overview", the sanitaryware market size is projected to get doubled with the CAGR of more than 11% by 2019. The Organized players will enjoy their share in the market in coming years; the reason being continues brand awareness and call for the imported goods that gives artistic and aesthetic looks to the modern day bathrooms which are now bit more than the functional space. Unlike developed economy, the developing market is expected to experience major demand from the new demand segment that is backed by the growth in the real estate sector. The consumers are segregated on the basis of the institutional consumers and retail consumers, the institutional consumers comprises of hotels, hospitals and real estate. The Indian sanitaryware market is going to be fruitful even for the huge unorganized segment that deals with mass end market and export market. The unorganized manufacturers will get an opportunity from the ongoing Government initiatives as such "One million toilets" and "Housing for all" schemes in the country, which will eventually call for the entry level or basic products major part of which is manufactured by the unorganized players. The established player like Cera sanitaryware will be giving cut throat competition to the unorganized players by trying to acquire government projects. The north region in the country is being the second largest contributor in terms of revenues from the building products division. Other regions are expected to contribute in the upcoming years as the industry is fuelled with all the favorable factors that are aided with the both ongoing and upcoming government projects. The country’s economic conditions are seeing positive signs along with the rise in middle income and improved standard of living that have urge for the better sanitation facilities. The only concern for the industry will be raising energy consumption and environmental issue which at some point will dent to the overall profitability.