The above 5KVA capacity UPS system will break the lead of the below 5KVA segment by 2020 in value terms: Bonafide Research
Aug, 01

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The above 5KVA capacity UPS system will break the lead of the below 5KVA segment by 2020 in value terms: Bonafide Research


Inconsistent power cuts, rising use of backup solutions in various industries, growth in the usage of high end electronic gadgets in the residential sector and safety from data losses in various SOHO, SME’s and data centers are some of the factors that will drive the UPS market in India. According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India UPS Market Outlook, 2021" the small UPS segment comprising of less than 5kVA UPS system have been accounting for more than 50% of the revenues in the total India UPS market. But with the increasing commercial establishments, government promoting the schools and other institutions to go digital for teaching and the increasing use of electronic gadgets will drive the above 5kVA segment of the UPS market to generate revenues with a higher CAGR. Government is working towards diminishing the demand supply gap by going green in many products. But still the quality of power provided is not up to the market. Fluctuating power damages the high end electronic products. So the UPS market is still expected to be UPS is a product that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. Online UPS dominate the Indian UPS market. The increasing load requirements in the residential and the commercial sector will make the consumers to go for UPS system with higher capacity than to have an individual system for each of the product. People nowadays are not patient. They need luxury and with the increasing purchasing power the above 5kVA segment of UPS system will make a huge leap in the market. The commercial segment and the industries are also major applicants of the UPS market which need continuous flow of power which can be obtained by UPS system and the increasing load in these segments also demand for above 5kVA segment of UPS system. The UPS market is highly fragmented and is highly competitive. The Indian UPS market has been largely dependent on the below 5kVA range of UPS systems in the past. Improvement in power quality in some regions or cities curtails the demand for UPS systems for non-critical loads. This has had a minor impact on the UPS market for the less than 5kVA range typically serving the home, SOHO, and SME/SMB. But still continued power outages mean that home-owners are buying UPS for power backup of computers, lights, fans, TVs and refrigerators. There is also an emerging trend of home-owners buying line-interactive UPS to protect high-end electronics like large screen LED/LCD TVs. Still, the overall line-interactive sub-1kVA UPS has seen a drop in the market size. Thus it is expected that the above 5kVA segment comprising of the medium UPS (5 to 30kVA) and the large UPS (above 30kVA) will account for more revenues that that of the currently dominating below 5kVA segment by 2020.