• What if the information a business requires is so niche and unique, that syndicated research report does not fulfill the strategic business needs? The answer to this is our Custom Research Service. Bonafide Research welcomes custom research queries pertaining to every niche market. Our custom solutions/services are offered only by the researchers who have extensive industry experience. The customized products primarily include off-shelf market research reports with extensive analytics and a detailed report. We, at Bonafide Research, ensure that the custom solutions are tailor-made to meet clients' business objectives and commit the delivery within a stipulated time period. We conduct multi-level client interaction and maintain transparency and close co-ordination with them from the project commencement till effective implementation, thus ensuring total customer satisfaction.

    Our clients use Custom Research Services for either of the following options - to introduce a new product, enter a new market, compare newly-developed technology for the existing marketplace, measure the current competition, revive the business, customer satisfaction studies, channel partner research, Pricing analysis, gap analysis, or to make any other key decisions. If you don't find what you are looking for in the industry space, feel free to use our CUSTOM RESEARCHservice.

    How are we different?

    What sets us apart is our strong syndicated business arm where we have 200 niche market research reports across numerous verticals. We are continuously engaged in bringing unique and niche research studies and the knowledge/expertise gained from this is effectively utilized across our CUSTOM RESEARCH solutions.

  • Bonafide Research carries out data collection of market research projects using various methodologies such as:

    • Computer-Assisted Telephones Interviewing (CATI)

    Interviews carried out by telephone are guided by a questionnaire displayed on the screen of a computer. All of our telephone research is conducted using high performance Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems. The interviewer records answers via the keyboard to correspond with the pre-coded responses displayed on the screen. CATI research helps us to minimize the errors and reduce the project time. It enhances productivity results in lower project costs and faster turnaround of projects is possible. Our trained and experienced interviewers are expert in interviewing senior level business professionals.

    • Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI)

    Bonafide Research collects data through Computer Aided Web Interviewing questionnaires that appears in the browser as a web-page. The computerized environment enables great logical intricacy in the interviewing process. The answers for the questionnaire get immediately to the main server, so the data collection and the results can be tracked continuously. This technique gives us a better access to certain targets like net surfers and working population with no geographical constraints.

    • Personal (Face-to-Face) Interviewing

    Bonafide Research also carries out personal interviews, whenever required, to offer convenience to respondents/ business professionals. All interviewers are fully trained and given a meticulous orientation at the beginning of each project to ensure the consistency of procedure.

    • Mobile Marketing Research

    Bonafide Research provides mobile marketing research by using functions of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs. We make use of the strengths of mobile communication and apply them to our research purposes.

    We offer a tailored approach. Whatever are your project requirements, we would be delighted to discuss the best approach and the most appropriate data collection method to meet your research needs.

    Quality Control

    Bonafide Research has a dedicated quality team. This team endlessly monitors calls made by each interviewer and provides feedback for improvement at regular intervals. The team is also responsible for training new hires and developing training modules for the interviewers.

    We don't just collect the data, we apply Data Analytics!!!

    Bonafide Research provides a range of Data Analytics solutions to assist clients across value chain by using applications like Excel, SAS, SPSS, R & Tableau Business Intelligence Software. We use Predictive Modeling, Descriptive & Comparative Statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Decision Method, Data Modeling, Key Performance indicators to address the unique business requirement of our clients.

    Bonafide provides a range of Data Analytics solutions to assist our clients across the value chain by using applications like Excel, SAS, SPSS & Tableau Business Intelligence Software. Described below are the types of business issues faced by our clients and the solutions we provide to help address these issues. Each of these solutions is customized to address the unique business requirement of our clients.




    Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): It is critical to gain insights from the intelligent use of customer data. Typically, we carry out a standard process of analyses on customer data, as well as probing specific areas of client interest. This initial work will often lead to more in-depth application of data analytics in specific areas or to the implementation of targeted marketing actions and product development.




    Data Modeling: We produce new insights with existing/new data assets and flexible cutting-edge statistical and modeling expertise. This allows allocation of critical resources for evaluation of existing and potential business.




    Predictive Modeling: We use Predictive modeling as a standard process to create a statistical model of future behavior. This is concerned with forecasting probabilities and trends. We use a number of predictors that are likely to influence future behavior or results. In marketing, for example, customer’s gender, age, and purchase history might predict the likelihood of a future sale. Predictive modeling is used widely in information technology (IT). In spam filtering systems, for example, predictive modeling is sometimes used to identify the probability that a given message is a spam. Other applications of predictive modeling include customer relationship management (CRM), capacity planning, change management, disaster recovery, security management, engineering, meteorology and city planning.






    Key Performance Indicators: Bonafide Research has created KPI suites for reporting for a wide range of clients across multiple sectors. Customized measurement processes can either be created for the client, or can be chosen from our standard set of metrics designed for your industry.